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Portrait by Milo Alterio

Anna Utopia Giordano is an Italian multidisciplinary artist, poet, and performer.
She attended scientific high school in Milan, graduating with top marks, and she graduated with honors in Philosophy (Università Statale di Milano) with a thesis on Network Science. Her primary philosophical interests encompass epistemology, logic, and gnoseology.
Her creative aptitude and technical skills led her to work as a graphic and web designer immediately after high school. Over the years, she has evolved into a freelance creative and art director, collaborating with both private clients and agencies. Her artistic activities span across multiple fields, utilizing diverse media tailored to each project. Her portfolio encompasses digital art, poetry, performance, artificial intelligence, and video production. She explores linguistic and sound research as well as visual philosophy.

Her AI generated digital illustration ZER0, conceived for the homonymous musical composition by Leonardo Barilaro, was launched towards the International Space Station on March 15, 2023 (00:30 UTC) with Maleth III, a biomedical research coordinated by Prof. Joseph Borg at University of Malta (in collaboration with MCAST and MG2i - MCAST Gateway to Industry), aboard the SpaceX CRS-27 mission (NASA and SpaceX), part of the NASA's Commercial Resupply Service program. The illustration and the musical composition were presented during a live stream from the ISS on April 11. Subsequently, the SpaceX CRS-27 mission safely completed its journey, returning to Earth on April 16, 2023.

Utopia conceived the series ἐκγραφῆς (2022), blending her poetry with artificial intelligence and digital post-production. This collection was showcased during the seventh edition of Fuori Visioni Contemporary Art Festival (14 -17 November 2022, Piacenza).

In March 2021, she released her first spoken word poetry album titled Fogli d'ombra, followed by the music video Entelechia (o sul senso del dovere) at the end of July 2021. Entelechia earned a place in the official selections of numerous national and international festivals, including the Venice Film Week (Italy, 2022, where it was awarded Best Music Video), Magmart, OttobreInPoesia, Bologna In Lettere (mentioned in the video poetry section). The video was also featured at the ADAF Athens Digital Art Festival (Greece, 2021), the 10th International Video Poetry Festival (Greece, 2022), The Wrong Biennale N.5 - Essence / Absence Pavillon #10 - Second Wave (NewArt City), the Interface Video Art Festival (Croatia, 2021), the Brussels Independent Film Festival (Belgium, 2022), and the ISAF Festival (Russia, 2021, awarded with an honorable mention), among others.

Prior to this, Utopia conceived a series of digital art collections, including My Social Generation, Venus, PopBottles and #BornToBeVirtual. These art series have garnered global recognition, having been featured in prominent newspapers, school textbooks, and across hundreds of websites and blogs. Furthermore, these collections have been featured prominently in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including renowned institutions such as Museum Het Valkhof (Nijmegen - Netherlands), MAC3 Museum (Caserta), Museo Irpino (Avellino), FraC Museum (Salerno), Binario 7 (Monza), and the Seoul Fringe Festival (Korea), among others.

Utopia's poetic style finds expression in the Rhapsodies, a collection of hermetic and cryptic poems distinguished by their use of technical, scientific, and philosophical language. The Rhapsodies have earned their place in anthologies, magazines, e-zines, and cultural blogs, (including Il Cucchiaio nell'orecchio, Le reti di Dedalus, Atti Impuri, Mirkal, Catrame, Undu Palermo, Elllin Selae). Her poetic creations were also featured in the expo Thanateros, a collaborative project alongside Luca Catellani and Andrea Ropes. In 2011, she published her poetry collection "WYSIWIG" (What You See Is What I Got), and then the 2012 e-book "Fotogrammi- Ideas Depiction" (Ed. Siska), in collaboration with Enrico Santus Aversano. Utopia curates a variety of performances, merging the realms of theater, literature, and rhapsodomancy. She oversees all stages, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring a harmonious synthesis of creative elements. These performances have been showcased in concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events.

Additionally, Utopia has brought to life the projects Land in Eden (2012), in support and in collaboration with Edenlandia (Naples), and Animă (2019) to promote the Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples (with the support of the Assessorato alla Cultura e al Turismo, Ufficio Cinema - Comune di Napoli and the Film Commission Regione Campania). Utopia also starred in short films, infomercial aired on Rai and Mediaset, music and educational videos. Posing as a model she often personally takes care of makeup, hair styling, concept and production design. Beyond her creative pursuits, she has been the mentor of Naked Truths Project (2013) conceived by the american choreographer Bianca S. Mendoza.

She is the creative director and founder of the aperiodic e-zine Glimpse (currently paused). In February 2020, Utopia launched the digital art gallery Morphrame, which is part of the broader White Page Gallery Network.


jinn sussurra alleli simmetrici,
lecca funzioni suriettive,
inghiotte recettori dactilitici,
e invoca ambliopia,
tenaglie e pulsioni ottiche
sciolte in assegni inflessi:
ciò di cui gli uomini si nutrono.
Iblis sussurra il mio nome,
sorrido, si brucia.

azygos s'incendia,
diruggina idrope particolato
gonadi iperplasiche
imitano vuoti irritati
e sorgenti intenzionali
dilatano pilei, eritrociti,
incudini, elepoli, archi riflessi.
Piove la sera,

spirilli apotropaici e
vesciche aptere contuse in
timbri eupneutici
sostengono le mie mani,
gli ommatidi di Aion,
le fimbrie di Svrt e
filtrano una neanide d'eggregora:
la gemma biomica di Ahriman,
eccezione fra stipole cromatofore
RAPSODIE online: On my Blog / Il Cucchiaio nell'orecchio / Le Reti di Dedalus / Ellin Selae / Gian Paolo Guerini / Atti Impuri / Mirkal / Aelo IV / Aeolo III / Fuori Le Mura / UnduPalermo / ViaDelleBelleDonne / HydePark / Rivista Idra / Ctonia

WYSIWIG (What You See Is What I Got)
Ed. Lulu.com - 80pp - ISBN 9781447669807
preview ► buy the ebook ► buy the book ►

Fotogrammi | Ideas Depictions
di Enrico Santus Aversano & Anna Utopia Giordano
2011 Ed. Siska - ISBN 9788897642046
with photos by Milo Alterio, Lorenzo Brusadelli, Francesca Cao, Daniele Carfora, Paolo Liggeri, Alessandro d'Onofrio,Vincenzo Pagliuca, Nicola Serra, Un Artista Minimalista, Marco Ventimiglia. Music by Un Artista Minimalista
Buy on libreriauniversitaria.it ► 

Mentre un'altra pagina si volta
Poetry Collection - Various Authors
2010 Ed. Giulio Perrone Editore - ISBN  9788863161991
Buy on La Feltrinelli online store ►

Frammenti Ossei
a cura di Ivan Pozzoni,Poetry Collection - Various Authors
2011 Ed. Limina Mentis - ISBN  9788895881362
Buy on libreriauniversitaria.it ►

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