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In "My Social Generation", Anna Utopia Giordano played a "standard" 13-15 year old girl of contemporary society, 
the research conducted by the artist focuses attention on how teens use social networks and how they are changing the awareness of themselves.                                     
"Utopia is questioning society’s views of beauty not only in her Venus works, but in another series of works as well. In her “My Social Generation: Please, don’t try this at home!” series, she takes photographs of herself in poses that would be used on social networks by teenagers and Photoshops them. The photos are unfortunately accurate in depicting how minors are displaying themselves online. Is displaying oneself at awkward camera angles considered “beauty” in today’s society for children? It’s hard to believe something like a poorly edited Facebook picture can be art. But in Giordano’s context, it serves a new purpose and it becomes art. For one, why are we letting ideas of beauty get to our heads? In a society where taking and sharing a photo of yourself can be done in seconds, beauty quickly becomes an important factor in what photos are shared with the world and which ones are not. Would you ever set your profile picture as yourself with no make up, just woken up and with a grumpy look on your face? If you answered no, think about who your “beautiful” photos are actually affecting. Will someone see your “beautiful” photo and be so inspired that their life has changed in any way, shape or form?"
from Valleyvanguardonline.com

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3-30 | 07 | 2011 @
CeRiDo (Fiumicello, UD)

11- 27 | 08 | 2011
Seoul Fringe Festival - Korea |
Indoor Performing Arts

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